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Our Range

Baketech boasts an extensive range of bakery mixes, but we are more than just a supplier of baking ingredients.  With baking as our passion, our skilled team is able to develop and manufacture bakery products to meet your specific requirements.

Bakery Improvers

Try the convenience of using one of our bread and bun improvers. If there is a preference on your part to purchase the building blocks used in one of the many premixes we offer, allow us to supply you with an improver. You then add the salt, sugar etc at the desired levels. 

If a clean label or non-GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients is required, please talk to us!

    Hamburger Bun & Roll Mixes

    Allow us to tailor make your hamburger buns or roll mixes  according to your specific needs.

    We offer:

    • Complete Mixes
    • Improvers
    • Premixes

    Confectionery Mixes

    We do it all!

    • Biscuits
    • Cakes
    • Cake Icing
    • Custards
    • Cream Cheese Icing
    • Crepe Mix
    • Muffin Mixes 
    •  Scones
    • Sponges

    Flour Improvers

    We know just how important consistently good flour is to the baker. This is why we at Baketech have an existing range of flour improvers to enhance performance and ensure consistency.  We also love the challenge behind developing a custom improver specifically for you. Contact us for assistance!

    Pasta Improvers

    Is your pasta sticky?

    Is your pasta cracked or brittle?

    Do you want to reduce oil absorption or improve the strength of the noodle cake?

    Our highly skilled team is able to develop an improver to improve pasta and noodle quality!

    Preservative Blends

    Are you happy with the shelf life of your products?

    Is your bread becoming mouldy quicker than you expect?

    Why not try one of our many preservative blends on offer? We also offer a range of natural preservative blends.

    Baking Powder

    We import only the best ingredients from Europe and America for our range of single and double acting baking powder. We also offer a Low Carb and Sodium Free baking powder.

    Speciality Seeds & Grain Mixes

    Baketech supplies a range of seeds and grains to suit our customers’ needs.

    Grains include:

    • Crushed Wheat
    • Millet
    • Pearl Barley
    • Rye
    • Soya Grits

    Seeds Include:

    • Poppy
    • Pumpkin
    • Sesame
    • Sunflower

    We even have Low GI / Banting approved seeds! We can also offer seed and grain blends. 

    Release Agents

    Our pan release oil can either be applied by brush or by spray and is suitable for all applications including bread, buns and confectionery.

    Available in 25 litre drums or 1 ton bulk flow bins for your convenience.


    • Corn Starches
    • Emulsifiers
      • Datem
      • GMS
      • Sponge
      • SSL
    • Enzymes
    • Flours
      • White
      • Brown
      • Cake
      • Stone Ground
      • Rye
    • Gluten
    • Icing Sugar
    • Instant Dry Yeast
    • Leavening Agents
    • Preservatives
    • Stabilised Wheat Germ

    Speciality Ingredients

    • Gluten Replacers
    • Salt Replacers
    • Soya Flour Alternatives

    Want to replace it? Talk to us!

    Pie Seasoning

    • Beef Pie
    • Chicken Pie
    • Sausage Roll
    • B-Bind

    Specialty Bread Premixes & Complete Mixes

    We proudly offer a full range of complete mixes, premixes and enzyme cocktails for bakeries.

    Our range includes:

    • Beet & Orange Bread Mix
    • Cheese & Onion Bread Mix
    • Choc Chilli Bread Mix
    • Cranberry & Rosemary Bread Mix
    • Easter Bun / Spice Bun Premixes
    • Middle Eastern Bread Premixes including:
      •    Flat Breads
      •    Rotti’s
      •    Tortillas
    • Onion & Poppy Seed Rye Bread Mix
    • Pear & Feta Bread Mix
    • Pumpkin & Garlic Bread Mix
    • Sundried Tomato & Basil Bread Mix

    Health Breads

    With our range of health breads, healthy definitely doesn’t have to mean tasteless.

    • Farmstyle Brown Bread Mix
    • Low Carb Bread Mix
    • Low GI Bread Mix
    • Ouma Bread Mix
    • Wholewheat Bread Mix

    Gluten Free Range

    Because following  a special diet shouldn’t mean missing out on your favourite foods, we have successfully developed a wide range of Gluten Free products.

    Gluten Free Baked Products:

    • Pizza Bases
    • Wraps

    Gluten Free Mixes:

    • All-Purpose Flour Mix
    • Baking Powder
    • Bread Premix
    • Bun / Roll Mix
    • Crepe Mix
    • Pizza Base Premix
    • Wrap / Tortilla Mix

    Pizza Bases

    Our famous par-baked Pizza Bases and Pizza Base Mixes are available in the following variants: 

    • American Pan
    • Gluten Free
    • Italian Thin Base
    • Rye
    • Whole Wheat

    Artisanal Bread Range

    Taste the good life with our premium Artisanal Bread Mixes!

    Our current range includes:

    • Austrian Roast
    • Buttermilk Rye
    • Brotgewurz Spice Blend
    • Californian Rye Bread
    • Ciabatta
    • Danish Croissant
    • French Baguette
    • German Landbrot
    • Panini
    • Poolish
    • Roasted Rye Flour
    • San Francisco Sour
    • Swartzbrot Hamburger Mix
    • Turkish Bread
    • 30% / 50% / 100% Rye

    Home Baking


    Our Earth Origin range gives you ready to bake bread mixes at your fingertips.

    Made with good old fashioned stoneground flour, we use the best non-GMO ingredients, with NO added preservatives. We have also replaced a high percentage of salt with natural flavours sourced from fruit. In short, we have tried to keep it as simple as possible.

    Our superior range of products contains no hidden nasties or genetically modified ingredients. Enjoy knowing that what you see is what you get. Simple and natural.

    Click here to buy Earth Origin online or send us an email on