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What does support mean to you?

At Baketech our support extends beyond simply providing you with a quality range of bakery mixes. The team at Baketech is well qualified to assist customers with the following:

Product Development

Product innovation is essential in the highly competitive bakery sector. This is an area where Baketech’s expertise is widely appreciated. From bread, biscuits, cakes and other flour confectionery to pancakes, cereal bars and pasta products, we work closely with clients to provide a tailored solution to cater for your requirements or that of your customers.

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Baketech’s dedicated Quality Assurance Team is devoted to making sure that the products we manufacture meet the industry standards.  Our team is devoted to increasing and maintaining customer confidence through ensuring that the desired outcome of the product is met.

If you require assistance with understanding food legislation, labelling requirements and the like, please contact us.

Process Optimisation

The management of quality and costs remain central to the long term success of any business. At Baketech we will benchmark your existing process to identify areas of improvement albeit improving efficiency, waste reduction or product quality. We can assist with recipe balance, process controls, wastage and compliance, to name but a few!

As an example, ensuring correct divider weights, in conjunction with an optimum bake profile, can dramatically improve quality and reduce weight loss and  ultimately unit cost.


Got a problem?

Is your product not giving you the required texture, flavour or height?

We can fix it! We are always available to assist with queries related to systems, processes and your product.

Training & Development

We assist our clients’ production staff through equipping employees with the necessary product related skills and knowledge. Our goals are to improve capability, capacity, productivity and performance.